TYPE : Residential
SIZE : 332 sqm
CLIENT : Confidential
LOCATION : Jakarta, Indonesia
STATUS : Built 2018

GPH House is a private residence in the middle of an urban settlement in South Jakarta. Orientation of the house facing west is overcome by making an innercourt, so that it functions as a heat sink.

The basic form of GPH House consists of 2 main boxes with a back and forth composition with a composition of finishing material and slim openings. The main material used is concrete and exposed brick. The selection of exposed concrete on the exterior and interior walls aims to minimize maintenance. The arrangement of exposed bricks was applied to the exterior walls and ceiling to give the house a warm color.

GPH House consists of 3 floors, with a ground floor for reception and communal areas. To reach the entrance through the lobby it is welcomed by the foyer as the reception room. Foyer faces directly into the garden with wide openings for natural lighting and good air circulation. The living and dining room is bordered by a terrace as a link between the inner and outer spaces like the concept of a tropical house. The private room consists of the master bedroom and the child’s bedroom on the 2nd floor is accessed using a long ramp for user convenience. The service room is on the top floor to maintain the privacy of homeowners with separate access