Wiyoga Nurdiansyah is a young Indonesian emerging architect known for contemporary works, unique concept that evolves through particular characteristics of each project. He believes that architecture relates to social and local cultures, which act as a basis for design process.

Prior to setting up his own office, Wiyoga was a founder of SUB architects for 8 years and a senior architect of andramatin for 6 years before that. He has won numerous awards including the Association of Indonesian Architects (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia, IAI) in 2007 (nominated) and 2015 (main award). He also appeared in international media and conference as a speaker. In 2017 Indonesian Tatler has choosen him as Gen T for architects category.

Wiyoga’s work offers integrated design for the master plan, architecture, landscape, exhibition, interior and furniture design. In his perspective, he sees himself as a partner to the client rather than an architecture consultant. In that way, he believe there is always a new creative thought flowing from both sides.

Wiyoga’s design brings out the new idea of Indonesian visionary architecture.


IAI Jakarta Awards 2015
Swadaya House
Penghargaan Utama dalam kategori Hunian atas karya yang berjudul Rumah Swadaya.