TYPE : Commission
SIZE : 350 sqm
CLIENT : Hartawan Indriadi
LOCATION : Jakarta, Indonesia
STATUS : Completed 

This project is located in Pasar Minggu area, South Jakarta with a typical site typology, small pot that is located on a narrow road connect to main roads. The tread shape resembles the letter L with a face width of 7 m and the back is wider. The Owner wants this house on a narrow area of 7 m there is still a pool area and lush garden in the back area.

SW House was built with the idea of a tropical house with lean mass posture and roof shape with a steep degree of slope. On both sides of the building left an open space for good air circulation as house ventilation.

The ground floor consists of a garage, kitchen, dining room and family room, and a guest bedroom as a private function. Arrangement of the room was sequentially linier. The garage area is limited by a wire mesh fence planted with vines and guardhouse roof was made of a roof garden to give a green impression to surrounding environment. Separating public and private functions there is a terrace as a living room. The function of terrace is for air circulation from both sides of the house. Dining room and family room are placed in deepest in order to get maximum view towards the swimming pool and lush garden in the back area. The service and maid areas are placed on semi-basement floor in order to take advantage of the tread contour which descends to the rear area.

The main bedroom has a balcony and a large opening to the inner garden. Kids bedrooms are placed in the front area with perforated metal for heat sink. Library area has high ceilings to give a wide and open impression. Study room is placed in the side corridor with air circulation that is designed to circulate cold air from under the table, so minimal use of air conditioning.

This house is expected to become the new Architectural language of tropical homes through new design ideas, details and materials.