TYPE : Residential
SIZE : 644 sqm
CLIENT : Confidential
LOCATION : Jakarta, Indonesia
STATUS : Completed 

AM House is located on a linear site, in the middle of residential area of South Jakarta. According to site conditions, the architectural form is a stack of slim boxes. The back of the mass is pulled to the side, so that the mass of the building creates a dynamic curve. Each mass level is shifted horizontally, providing shade to the space below it. The top mass adopts the dominant sloping roof shape in the surrounding environment.

The occupants are a family with a habit of active activities both indoors and outdoors. According to space requirements, we created outdoor courtyards on the 2nd and 3rd floors, terraces and rooftop gardens. The client is a luxury watch collector, he needs a workshop to maintain his collection. This profession causes clients to be quite interested in the craftsmanship of architectural details. In addition, the client is involved in the automotive hobby, so he needs a large space for his collection.

The ground floor functions as services area and spacious garage. The 2nd floor area is the main rooms with ramp access, for convenience and providing unique space experience. The sequence of spaces through the ramp meets the terrace with local ulin wood floors and ceilings as the reception area. Additional building mass, serves for the gym. In the main building, the 2nd floor consists of dining room and pantry, a family room that can extend to the terrace, a guest bedroom, a work space and powder room. The showroom for the owner’s automotive hobby is also on the same floor, a hydraulic lift for a car. The private area is on the 3rd floor with 1 master bedroom and 2 children’s bedrooms which have access to a balcony.

Wood-printed concrete installed on the outer surface of the building as the main material. Perforated iron plate with size gradation hole motif for a light but still private facade impression. Skylights are used as natural lighting in the workspace, powder, and circulation areas. The openings are maximized towards the garden avoiding the western area. Each outer side of the wall is separated from the outer perimeter for good air circulation.
AM House depicts the concept of a modern tropical house in the middle of the city, simple form elements, efficient spatial planning to maintain privacy and the use of local materials.