PROJECT : Brantas Stadium Batu City Competition
TYPE : Sport Facility
SIZE : 5,6 ha
CLIENT : Pemerintah Kota Batu
LOCATION : Batu, Malang
STATUS : Competition 

Our design approach responds to create a sustainable urban space for Batu City. Utilizing features of the location where the city forest located, developing landscape harmony of the city in human scale by connecting the forest with plaza and large pedestrian areas. The flat-level plaza and large pedestrian areas giving the stadium an environment for everyone for impartially welcoming all visitors, where everyone can smoothly travel, comfortably use the stadium, and travel with less physical burden regardless of their age or presence/absence of disabilities.

The form of stadium responds to construction feasibility. The use of modular materials is treated simply by bend and perforation, responding the city climates. Every small pieces of bended façade symbolize every people’s of Batu City fighting spirit gradually becomes a monolithic façade as a mark of the unity Batu City community.