TYPE : Residential
SIZE : 358 sqm
CLIENT : Confidential
LOCATION : Pondok Indah, Jakarta
STATUS : Completed 

This project located in South Jakarta, having a narrow plot typology extending backward. Even though the plot is located in modern-style architecture residential, house owner wants to have an ideal tropical house for the family living. The main form of house mass takes a “L” shape, leaving green area in front and backyard to make a good air circulation. The use of hipped roof supported by steel structure aim to presenting the tropical concept.

Pondok Indah house consist of 3-storey; ground floor used for service area and foyer. Main area of the house is located in the second floor reached with an outdoor ramp. Entering the second floor, welcomed with a spacious double height ceiling terrace toward to main garden, others communal space like living room, dining room, and pantry while the main bedroom on the same storey separated from other rooms. While on the third floor is more private area consisting of three children’s bedrooms.

This house supported with two kinds of vertical circulation, stairs and elevators. The double height ceiling is used to maximize cross air-circulation and natural lighting through the big windows. Corridors are using natural ventilation as a principle of tropical house.

The main material used for this house is local wood. Teak wood attached as facade element on the doors and windows frames, railing, ceiling, and louvers. The louver consists of horizontal teak wood plank so that the wind can flow through in every gap. The main column is a steel structure covered with teak wood as the main elements used in the house. While bengkirai wood used to covered carport, ramp, and outdoor terrace.

Pondok Indah House is a depiction of the idea of a new tropical house in the middle of urban area through mass composition, natural openings, and also the used of local material.