TYPE : Exhibition
CLIENT : Bintaro Design District 2023
LOCATION : Bintaro, Indonesia
STATUS : Completed 

Wiyoga Nurdiansyah Architects Studio is a transition from the function of a residential space to an architectural studio. The growing needs of residents require moving space to another residence that can accommodate various new needs. Because memory is inherent in the spaces, adaptation to new needs is optimized without changing the architectural design.

With a new function as a studio, the layout has been rearranged to create a comfortable and productive creative space. The design focus is on matters related to the comfort of a studio space, relating to the arrangement of tables, chairs, storage space, reception space, shared dining room and of course, its relationship to the existing layout. New details were added as part of the design exploration of furniture details, lighting, and building fences. Processing teak wood materials and galvanized iron is the theme that weaves into the overall concept between interior and architecture.

In the end, this is the beginning of a new space journey through old space, a space full of memories as a living space, a space full of romance for its residents. Goodbye as a residential space, thank you for 17 happy years and welcome to Wiyoga Nurdiansyah Architects Studio! There will be many new adventures waiting ahead. Project Collaborator with Gema Semesta as Graphic Designer and HOW as Landscape Designer. Photographer by Asita Yulia.