PROJECT : Rumah Rongga
TYPE : Residential
SIZE : 280 sqm
CLIENT : Confidential
LOCATION : Tangerang, Indonesia
STATUS : Completed 

Rumah Rongga has the main visual with hollow material. The walls of the roster and perforated metal give the impression of a transparent space boundary. The selection of perforated material aims to provide a gap for light and air into the building. Sunlight entering the building in the morning will form a patterned shadow due to an orientation facing east.

Rumah Rongga stands on an area of ​​280 sqm with a basic building coefficient of 40 percent. Consists of two masses, the main mass and a separate service mass. The path to the achievement of the main entrance connects the two masses. Located in a residential area, corner unit or hook unit, Rumah Rongga has two open front and side open spaces.

Space needs in the Rumah Rongga is not much. In the main mass consisting of 2 bedrooms, the main bedroom is on the ground floor, next to the dining room and pantry as a reception room. At the same level the service area consists of an assistant room, laundry and a prayer room. The second floor of the main building contains 1 bedroom and family room as well as access to the roof garden. Access in the form of a bridge that connects the main mass and service mass, causing subtraction from the triangular roof.

The main roof of the triangle as a symbol of tropical architectural forms. Honesty material is implemented in unfinished facade of raw cement and exposed terracotta brick. The owner wants a house with many openings without losing privacy so the openings are covered with a layer of roster walls. Each room has a garden or terrace view. Minimizing artificial disposition is pursued by applying a double height ceiling to the communal space. Expended metal stairs that float to give a light and transparent expression.