PROJECT : Tulus Jakarta Monokrom Concert
TYPE : Collaboration
SIZE : -
CLIENT : Tulus Company
LOCATION : Istora Senayan, Jakarta - Indonesia
STATUS : Completed 

Tulus’ second Monokrom Concert was held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. With a rectangular Istora floor plan and surrounded by grandstand audience, the stage area takes up a quarter of the Istora. The grandstand audience seats behind the stage area are wrapped in white cloths so that they form a slope as an artificial landscape. There is a mass of architectural cubes that are rotated at 45 degrees as if they were coming out of an artificial landscape.

As the main point, the cube becomes grand entrance point, which is assisted by a hydraulic lift to reach a proportional level. Besides, the architectural cube is a visual mapping media throughout the show.

This concert, which involved 23 musicians, required a large enough space on the main stage. To maintain the proportions of the accompanying musicians and because Tulus is the main highlight of this concert, the level of the musicians on the main stage has been reduced.

One of Tulus’ wishes as the main figure of this Monokrom Concert is to greet all levels of the audience as closely as possible. An additional Island stage was made in front of the main stage with a catwalk ring-shaped that split the festival audience.

The black and white color selection for the stage represents the title of this concert. The main stage area for the musicians is black, while the Island stage is white to emphasize the shape of the catwalk ring. The cover rigging was given a local touch with rattan-woven material.